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Moda & Style

por Joana Freitas

Moda & Style

por Joana Freitas

5 galochas por menos de 50€

Após um grande período de sol e calor, eis que, finalmente, a chuva chegou e as temperaturas baixaram, tal como se espera nesta altura do ano.


Devido ao uso de calçado desadequado, é muito comum ficar-se com os pés encharcados, mesmo que se use algo feito em pele impermeável. Se não é isso, é o facto da sola deslizar em todas as superfícies molhadas, mostrando ser um perigo para o bem-estar de qualquer pessoa.


De modo a conseguir contornar todas as questões expostas anteriormente, decidi fazer uma seleção de 5 galochas por menos de 50€ (nenhuma chega a este valor), aproveitando as promoções que estão em vigor na La Redoute. Poderão vê-las nas imagens interativas abaixo, que podem clicar para aceder a informações como os tamanhos, preços, cores e disponibilidade de stock.

Formal dresses (English post)

(O post de hoje está escrito em inglês, pelo que quem quiser ler, terá de traduzi-lo para português).


Do you love seeing lovely dresses? Are you a fan of charming and alluring fashionable gowns? Well, every formal occasion requires necessary etiquettes including formal dresses. Typically, in most elegant and big events the most-awaited part is the flaunting of well-dressed guests. Basically, the common dress cuts for formal occasions should be long gowns. These gowns are the ideal attire that fits on any grand balls or events. The creative and stylish mind of designers can provide you the most suited dress that matches your figure.

How important it is to wear formals?

Ideally, wearing dresses should depend on the type of occasions. There are significant occasions that do not require formal and elegant dresses. A simple jeans, blouse, dress can be well-appreciated on events like informal parties and reunions. However, if it is a formal type of occasion you will be obliged to look for with the most gorgeous and splendid attire that will fit both to the theme of occasions and to your personality.

What are the special occasions that require this type of dress?

In most cases, formal events or evening occasions is where you can wear formal type of dresses. In addition to this, here are some of the important events that commonly asking for a more sophisticated and refined attires:

1. Wedding: despite of the time that occasion is solemnly celebrated, it is intended that the invitees should wear formal dresses. But, there are cases that it might depend on the nature of celebration and the venue of the reception. Sometimes, the couple decided to have informal theme where you can wear semi-formal wear.

2. Grand Ball: comes from its name “grand” it only means that the invitees are expected to wear classy gowns. This event is usually referred to the entertainment industry. There are wide numbers of balls where the top personalities are competing with their expensive and personally designed gowns. On the other hand, there are school balls that can be characterized by grand ball. Mostly, it is themed with masquerade motif which only means wearing of formal clothing.

3. Birthdays: there are various birthday celebrations but when is the perfect time to wear formal attires? If you have received an invitation that stating the formality of event, then it is indication of wearing formal and proper attires. Basically, debuts or birthdays of people in the high-class society are obliging their guests to wear elegant dresses.


If you were invited to go in any of these formal occasions you will be more attractive by pairing your chosen dress with cool pair of heels. It must be well-complemented with the style of the dress.

What are the most common and captivating styles of formal dresses?

There are various styles for your gowns that can fit your fashion style. All of these are floor-length gown that most suited to formal occasions.

1. One Shoulder gown: you can be confident to wear this gown while revealing one of your shoulders.

2. Chiffon Pleated gown: this is a traditional gown design surrounded with pleated style.

3. Beaded Trim gown: the top comes so simple with a small opening on the back and enjoy up to knees slit.

4. Keyhole Halter gown: comes with a backless design and V-Neck style that exposes both of your well-build shoulders.

5. Lace gown: most of the sophisticated people want to wear gowns with the touch of lacy fibre from top to bottom.

6. One Shoulder Jersey gown: this gown can fit your taste bud with its good quality jersey cloth. The other shoulder is thinly strapped while the other comes strapless.

7. Illusion Cap Sleeve gown: the gown that best suit for those who wanted to show their figure while covering their shoulder with transparent-like design.

8. Strapless Scuba gown: this can give you a sexy image while in a long gown.


Text and images credits are given to Stylewe

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