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Moda & Style

por Joana Freitas

Moda & Style

por Joana Freitas

Evening dresses from Blushfashion (English post)

(O post de hoje está escrito em inglês, pelo que quem o quiser ler, terá de traduzi-lo para português).



Once in life, people attend a formal occasion like weddings, proms or other type of evening parties. In most of them, are required a couple of etiquettes, including formal dresses. The common dress cuts for formal occasions are long gowns, mostly made of chiffon, tulle or lace.


Thinking about the weddings season, which starts in May here in Portugal, I selected three models from Blushfashion, designed by Sheryll Raz Gold, the owner of the brand.

A good thing about her designs is that are not too extravagant, but trendy and glamorous, like most of women loves. Furthermore, she makes a lot of pieces, not only dresses: you can choose between jackets, camis or tops. But, the main question is: where I can find her work? Easy: you can see her amazing creations on Stylewe, an online shop that ships worldwide.

Still in Stylewe, you can see other amazing designers and thousands of theirs creations divided in many categories, so there's no excuse to not visit the site. And to wake up your curiosity, I will give you a tip: check the Thanksgiving Day deals or the sales section. I'm sure that you will find amazing pieces with good quality and fabulous discounts.


Credits given to Stylewe

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